Institution Mixte Jean Bonte

In 1994.  Jean Bonte also known to the children as (boss, director, papi  friend) went to Haiti on Vacation to see his family. On his way home not too far from the airport, he was ambushed by a group of thugs which resulted in him getting shot on his arm. One of the individuals in the car with him was shot and died. Upon his return to New York City, he said to himself that the people that shot him were young adults and he believed that the reason they are living a life of crime is because they have no jobs, home, or food to take care of them he decided that he wanted to do something to help but did not know where to start.  Mr. Bonte said to himself that if these kids went to school, had some kind of training and a job, they would not be out there killing and robbing for food.

The following year, he returned to Haiti with clothes, food, shoes for the children as well as adults. While there, he asked the people about their needs, they told him that instead of food, they would rather he build them a church instead. On his next trip, he started the foundation to build the church. He carried water. woods, and other necessities for the building. The year after, children from far up the mountain were going to the church, some orphans living with family members in one room homes others without fathers. Most of the children ages 14 through 17 have never been to school and did not know how to read. Jean Emmanuel recruited the help of some friends in the neighborhood to teach those children.

In 2012 while in his bed sleeping, he saw someone in a dream who told him “you have been fortunate with houses, businesses and good health, why don’t you go back home and really help those children?” Jean Bonte got up the next morning started making preparations to sell everything he had, 4 BMW’s, 11 rental apartments and in December 2012 he moved back to Haiti and officially opened Intistution Mixte Jean Bonte.

In 2009, a friend of Jean Ms. Patty Smith who saw the hard work that he was putting in with his own money and no help from anyone else, started lending a hand visiting the school, providing clothes, food, shoes for the children and adults whenever she is there. God has allowed Jean Bonte to continue with this work with the help of concerned friends and some family members who share the same love for Haiti and the children. Jean is not receiving any help from other organizations or government entities to help with the school. Twenty one years ago, this all started with a trip to Haiti which could have ended in catastrophe, instead God used it to open one man’s heart to help the less fortunate in Haiti.

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